Chloraethyl spray, 100 ml


KELEN® is a local anesthetic – a cooling spray based on 100% chloroethyl (synonyms: chloroethane, ethyl chloride), which, thanks to its cryotherapeutic properties, is intended for cooling – numbing the local affected area of the skin.


Application of the product



Apply the spray to the affected part of the body from a sufficient distance, which is approximately 15 – 20 cm.



Briefly (1 – 2 seconds) apply the spray to the affected part until a snow cover is formed.



Ensure adequate application, do not spray for too long and from a short distance to avoid skin frostbite.


Detailed product description

It has a slightly higher cooling effect than other cooling sprays on a different basis and is therefore used e.g. to numb the skin before injection, during minor surgical procedures, in dermatology, during piercing, before removing ticks, for muscle spasms, cutting irritations of tendons (tennis elbow), for prophylaxis, etc.


It is therefore used in skin, surgical, orthopedic and pediatric clinics, also in sports medicine and it is used by paramedics and others.

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Technical details

Spray content: 100ml


APA code: 2284785


EAN: 859402920020


Packaging: 50 pcs in a carton


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